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Webdesign and development

Everything starts with the idea and its analysis
Despite the fact that we are the professionals, we are always interested in customer‘s ideas, suggestions, requests and requirements. Since you are the one who knows best all the details of the project, our job is to analyse the given information and process it using our experience and ideas.

The analysis of customer‘s needs is extremely important for planning functions of the project and their development terms.

You have probably encountered or heard service provider’s answer “we did not plan that…” or “you will have to pay for these additional functions…”. These situations emerge from inaccurate analysis of clients’ needs and failure to indicate which functions will be included and, more importantly, which will not.
We promise you our maximum attention and explicitness.

Reasonable Strategy
No matter how you call it, any project, website or other work is directed to specific objectives. Everything is done or planned in order to achieve all these objectives.  Nothing is done randomly - everything has a logical and reasonable explanation. 

Very often customers do not clearly understand service provider’s solutions, for example, concept and design development, database, CMS (Concept Management System) design and programming. Therefore, we can assure you that all our solutions will be clearly and reasonably explained.

Attractive and Thoughtful Design
Have you ever wondered what the concept ‘web page design’ really means? According to our understanding web page design is mostly a science, not an art.

Probably everyone at least once had visited such websites that at first glance did not look very impressive. However, they had very convenient menu bars, attractive colours etc. that made navigation quite pleasant.

Before creating a design we always carefully analyse the company’s style and particularity of business field in order to find the best solution for you.

System and Database Architecture
As the development of the software scope and complexity is constantly increasing, designing is becoming more significant element of IT engineering. It is the first and the most important part of programming. The progress of all further actions depends on designing.  Here is an example of database design.

Before creating the system it is essential to design its implementation, to document designing solutions and to analyze, evaluate and optimize all decisions.

It is the implementation of all former stages. The team of programmers analyze the system and database project and arrange all necessary functions using the most suitable content management system. The project is given a graphic image, i.e. the primary website design is brought to life.

Testing and Coordination with Clients
This is the last stage of the work when the project is tested and is being prepared for release. It means that all functions are reviewed, the content and graphic material are entered. The client gives final corrections and comments. To manage this process we use the task management system which is available to every customer. Example.

The most pleasant part of an entire process is to move the finished “creation” to our or client’s server and submit for users’ judgement.

Our team will constantly monitor your website after its release. On request, we can become permanent administrators of your website’s design, system and content. We are always ready to use all our skills, available software and technological equipment to keep the website promptly managed, up-to-date and functioning smoothly.

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