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Mobile payment system and branding

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USSD is a special communication protocol for transmitting information through mobile phones. This is similar to SMS, because all information is transmitted by text and figures, they are typed on the start on your phone, call buttons (such as: *#501#125), Code 125, for example, may depend on company X, which owns the service Y. The total number received in the transaction is automatically assigned to Company X, which then receives a benefit at the end of the month. The main objective is to control all operations, manage users (companies) and their access rights to the system.

Business management system was created which allows our customers to completely manage all customers, give them individual access rights to information and each of them give wanted commission fee. All system users have their own personal zone, which sees only your company's transactions, we can create new project (for the new USSD codes). According to the settings you want, you can filter received transactions, print reports, and at the end of the month to receive benefits. The system is supported by two main Lithuanian mobile operators Omnitel and Bite.

CRM development
The main purpose of business management system is the management of particular part (sometimes even all parts) of business processes. Every business field and every company have certain internal and external processes that change due to increasing revenue and workload that sometimes cannot be controlled. Our main goal is to analyse all existing and future processes of your business and implement them into the business management system which will create a continuous chain of processes.