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Mes tampame “Ubie”
Taip! Pagaliau tam ryžomės ir nuo šiol esame kitokie. Mes didesni, labiau patyrę ir labiau savim pasitikintys. Per 7 veiklos metus užaugome ir isitvirtinome Lietuvoje, tad atejo metas išbandyti save pasaulinėje IT scenoje.
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Charlie Pizza web development

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Webdesign and development
The ultimate result of the discovery session is a comprehensive understanding of the expected work, functionality, and business processes. This ensures that we cover the full scope of the project and helps with the development of the project timeline.
Facebook apps
An opportunity to communicate with customers through indirect way - to keep in touch with existing customers and attract new ones. Facebook application can not only help improve your brand awareness, but also works well in order to force the user to become loyal to your brand. Communicate with your customers and potential customers - Create your community.