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Facebook apps

Facebook application may help to increase the popularity of your brand and the number of loyal customers.
Communicate with existing and potential customers and create your community. Social interaction will develop a positive and credible impression of your company.

Most popular and proven types of applications

  • The game, in which consumers seek for a certain long-term goal, for example, raising agricultural products, manufacturing juice, exploring the islands etc. The user gets a certain amount of tasks each day; so every day he comes back, competes with his friends and tries to become the best player;
  • Consumers are fighting for the best results or status (the fastest or the longest time, the maximum amount of points, mastered levels etc.);
  • Competition (drawings, photographs etc.). The winners (earning the highest number of LIKE’s) will be awarded with special attractive prizes;
  • Daily information applications - daily success rate, birthday / name-day reminders,  joke of the day;
  • Applications of significant information - "Which celebrity shares your birthday", "Which celebrity shares your looks, "What is the most suitable car for you” etc.

These are only few of the most popular types of applications. If you think that Facebook application is an appropriate means of advertising your company, products or services, we are ready to realize your unique ideas, centred on specific goals and results.

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