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E-commerce development

E-commerce development solutions and support
Every business, every idea and all the connecting processes can be conceived as separate theory and philosophy.

In each individual case we make particular decisions. They include selection of the most suitable e-commerce management system, design and assortment demonstration, selection of proper payment method, integration with external data management and transfer systems, security requirements and possibilities, and content optimization requirements for search engines.

Integration with External Systems
In pursuance for maximum productivity and best results, your e-commerce system can be supported by various external systems:


Customer relationship management (CRM) (SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, SugarCRM, Slendid, etc.)

Various marketing tools (Mailer Lite, etc.)

Logistics (DPD, UPS, DHL, etc.)

Payment methods
Convenient method of payment is a motive part of every e-shop system. Increasing competition leads to development of such e-shops that can always offer something better, more practical and innovative to meet customers’ needs – to shop quickly and safely.

Market localization. The choice of payment methods depend on your trading market. If you only deal with Lithuanian market, Bank Link system is a common payment method. The customer receives a prepared invoice and using his internet banking can perform safe and convenient transactions for the services or goods.

Payments in Lithuania. Bank Link payment system can be implemented directly installing all desirable banks (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Snoras, Ūkio bankas etc.) or simply by using intermediary (Mokė services. The latter method is much more convenient, cost effective and more quickly implemented, however, the fee for this service is deducted from turnover. 

Payments abroad. If your trading market is not only in Lithuania but international markets as well, the most popular payment service provider (PSP) is PAYPAL. Its popularity is determined by easy installation, credit cards processing service and ability to conveniently perform transactions online.

Alternative payment service providers can be foreign intermediaries (e.g. CCBill, Discover, JCB, Mercaway, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, WireTransfer), as their systems help to collect income from VISA and Mastercard holders.

Loyalty Programs and Their Management
We are concerned with our clients’ successful business, therefore we offer loyalty program that will help you not only to retain your existing customers but to attract new ones as well.

You could please your customers by offering:

  • solid discounts
  • gift vouchers
  • gift coupons for most active customers
  • gifts of digital content (music, video, applets)
  • free gifts
  • sales modules
  • newsletters (best offers for loyal customers)

These are just a few ways to retain your loyal customers.

We are aware of all hot spots and weaknesses that must be always considered.

We ensure the safety of both, server and management system levels. We install SSL certificates in our or your servers and perform all the required work to ensure safe transfers and payments.

We give a lot of attention to your clients’ data protection, to prove that your trading system is safe and reliable and your clients can have full confidence in using it.

Optimization of Search Engines

According to various research results, approximately 80-95% of all users search for information online using search engines.

The majority of internet users looking for goods and services use the world’s biggest search engine GOOGLE.  Therefore, it is essential that your goods or products appear on the first pages of this system.

We arrange short-term and long-term GOOGLE campaigns, install traffic management systems, analyse them and make proper decisions.

If your company has the administrator for trading system, we can offer training courses on search engines optimization that will put your company between top search results leaving competitors behind.

Administration and Development
Our team will monitor your e-shop development even after release. On request, we can become permanent administrators of system, content or design.

We are always ready to employ all skills, software and hardware to keep your website up-to-date, working smoothly and organized according to your requests.

We offer a special service for e-commerce agents – three-dimensional product modelling.

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