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CRM development

Essential Analysis of Requirements and Processes

The main purpose of business management system is the management of particular part (sometimes even all parts) of business processes.
Every business field and every company have certain internal and external processes that change due to increasing revenue and workload that sometimes cannot be controlled. Is it difficult to find old invoices, documents? Does the number of employees constantly grow? What about piles of paperwork? We can help you to control these processes and reduce your company’s expenses.
This would be a tool that will allow you to increase your staff’s labour productivity and speed up information sharing between branches. Communication with the clients will be more efficient. The main thing is that your business data accumulated and organized in databases will make easier for you to get individual reports and analyse work results.
Our main goal is to analyze all existing and future processes of your business and implement them into the business management system which will create a continuous chain of processes.

System and Database Design
As the development of the software scope and complexity is constantly increasing, designing is becoming more significant element of IT engineering. It is the first and the most important part of programming. The progress of all further actions depends on designing.  Here is an example of database design.
Before creating the system it is important to design its implementation, document designing solutions, discuss, evaluate and optimize all decisions.
Implementation, Supervision and Training

The creation and implementation of business management system takes approximately 6-12 months. All the process consists of requirements and processes analysis, system and processes management creation, testing, system’s implementation into client’s servers, employees’ training courses and system installation into all company’s existing processes.
We will prepare instructions, i.e. a memo for every employee according to his speciality to help them master all the processes of business management system.
When the business management system is released we will become your company’s IT partner, i.e. we will constantly monitor your servers’ and system’s work and take care of all your further needs and requirements.onstantly monitor your servers’ and system’s work and take care of all your further needs and requirements.

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